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Blossom Hill Fellowship

Application deadline: March 27, 2020


Blossom Hill offers fellowships to social entrepreneurs who have developed an innovative approach, program, or product that positively impacts war-affected Middle Eastern communities, either in-country or displaced due to conflict.Blossom Hill believes in the importance of engaging and empowering war-affected children from the Middle East. They introduced our Social Entrepreneur Fellowship Program for this singular purpose: to encourage individuals to develop innovative and solution-focused initiatives that create opportunity for conflict-affected children and help to break the cycle of violence that plagues their communities.

Through the Fellowship Program, Blossom Hill is investing in the next generation of leaders who will play a pivotal role in the reconstruction and advancement of their own communities. At best, these solutions are informed and spearheaded by those who understand the situation intimately – individuals who hail from the region or are deeply connected to the Middle East and comprehend the multi-generational impact of war.


The application
process includes a comprehensive vetting, not limited to

  1.  A thorough review of the proposed idea and work plan
  2. Submission and approval of the Year I budget
  3. An in-depth interview with all final candidates.

All candidates are also required to submit two 2) written letters of recommendation, a headshot, and a two-minute pitch
video. This is a highly competitive program. Award payments are made in two installments; the first payment is made after the initial proposal has been approved, and the second payment is made after three (3) months of implementation, contingent upon approval 1 For the purposes of the Blossom Hill Fellowship Program, the Middle East is defined by the following countries and communities: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Northern Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syrian AR, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Blossom Hills aims to further support our Fellows by connecting them to experts in the field and to each other, and by conducting site visits to support their initiatives firsthand wherever possible. Fellows are also featured prominently on the Blossom Hill website and through our global social media networks to highlight their work in the field. Fellowships are up to $50,000 a year and are renewable on a yearly basis depending on assessment and evaluation of the project’s impact. Fellows who demonstrate significant impact in the community and who comply with Blossom Hill’s requirements may be eligible to re-apply at nine (9) months for additional funding the following year.


• We fund programs or products that aim to positively impact the lives of communities (children, youth, families, etc.) affected by conflict and war in the
Middle East.
• Initiatives can take place in the Middle East or another country where war refugee populations are prevalent and are the primary program beneficiaries,
i.e., Syrian refugees now displaced in Europe. (Refer to definition of Middle East in footnote on page one.)
• Applicants should have significant experience and close ties with the community and culture their idea is designed to serve.
• Applicants should possess the language skills necessary for the successful implementation of their proposed initiative.
• Applicants must have a partner NGO registered as a U.S. 501(c)(3) charitable organization to serve as a fiscal sponsor.
• Applicants must reach children and youth beneficiaries ages 24 and under to qualify for funding.

Blossom Hill seeks passionate, committed individuals with innovative ideas about how to improve the lives of war-affected children from the Middle East. We are looking for ambitious candidates who:

● Demonstrate an ability to succeed and commitment to social change
● Present bold, innovative and viable approaches that address an authentic
need and have potential for exponential impact
● Are accessible, responsive, articulate, proactive, and take initiative to further
expand their reach

Evaluation of Fellows’ Ideas
Blossom Hill’s evaluation committee is looking for the following in the proposal and work
● Personal Integrity
● Commitment to Social Change
● Demonstrated Need
● Innovation
● Impact

They also look to see that Fellows measure the effectiveness of their idea and
demonstrate promise for potential continued support when they:
● Show both quantitative and qualitative notable measurement of impact
● Craft a thoughtful plan to sustain the program or product
● Promote a scalable model to increase impact
● Have received significant request from the community to continue
● Demonstrate fundraising plan and/or goal to increase voluntareerism



Application guidelines

Strong CANDIDATES possess two core values:

Personal Integrity – a potential fellow…
● Is empathetic and compassionate toward others
● Has leadership experience or potential (passionate, trained, loyal, dedicated)
● Has confronted adverse circumstances and demonstrated resilience
● Shows a sense of purpose for the common good

Commitment to Social Change – a potential fellow…
● Has a proven track record of genuine commitment to the cause he/she
proposes and/or other social causes (work, study and/or personal experience
with the proposed plan and/or community)
● Shows interest in changing the status quo and/or is knowledgeable of those
who have done so, serving as models and inspiration
● Has a collaborative spirit in order to broaden reach, particularly by involving
those in need and aiming to empower them


Application details:

Please submit the completed application, headshot, pitch video, letters of recommendation, and fiscal sponsor documents to:

[email protected]  

For more information, download the fellowship application here

Godswill Uwem

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