Fledge16 education, mentorship and accelerator programme for entrepreneurs

Fledge16 education, mentorship and accelerator programme for entrepreneurs

Fledge16 education, mentorship and accelerator, programme, entrepreneurs

Application deadline: 31st January, 2020


Fledge16 is the sixteenth iteration of our award-winning accelerator program.  We’re seeking the most impactful startups from around the world. Over the past 7+ years, we’ve worked with and invested in 95 startups from 27 countries, including a dozen African countries. Fledge is an intense program of entrepreneurial education and mentorship, guiding entrepreneurs through the complex path from idea to revenues and profits.

Fledge graduates include BURN Manufacturing, East Africa Fruit, Green Charcoal Uganda, Cowtribe, Birdpreneur, Geossy, Obamastove, and more, who combined have raised millions of dollars of investments and use that capital to improve the lives of millions of Africans.

Fledge is particularly looking at the (1) Team(2) Impact and (3) Odds of success of the applying startups. Furthermore, Cleantech and Fintech are getting an extra spotlight, as well as Impact starthdhdbc support, we ask for 6% ownership in each startup.  This investment is uniquely structured as revenue-based redeemable equity, with the startup repurchasing Fledge’s shares using 4% of future revenues.

This investment structure was designed to make Fledge a partner in the success of each fledgling.  Our incentives are aligned with the founders, to find a path to sufficient, sustainable revenues.  This structure is not reliant on an “exit”.  We succeed when the fledgling succeeds, earning revenues from customers.

And if the business does not succeed, nothing is owed to Fledge (beyond anything already repaid).

Some application details include:

  1. One line pitch
  2. Website
  3. Stage
  4. The problem
  5. The solution
  6. The business model
  7. Opportunity
  8. Competition

Want to truly make the world a better place… through business? Do good while doing well? Eager to know how to be the best entrepreneur you can be?

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